Marriage – Your Priority

One of the reasons why marriages fail is simply because people do not make their marriage a priority. And by the time they figure this out it’s too late. I have often said, “If you sacrifice your marriage and family to be a success in business then you have lost it all.” Your relationship with your spouse is much more important than your job.

Let me share with you some of the ways you can make your marriage a priority. Remember a good marriage does not happen by accident. It requires hard work. Now here are some things you can do to make your marriage a priority.

1. Sit down with your spouse. Make a list of all the things you are both doing in your lives. And if you have children list all the things they are doing. Then decide what activities are hindering you from spending proper time together. Then remove those things from your schedule.

Now this is the problem. Most people are too busy and too tired to put time into their marriage and family. If they see the need to change their priorities they add things rather than subtract things from their schedule. The only way you can make your marriage a priority is to remove something from your schedule.

2. Make sure you and your spouse have time to communicate each week. That’s why I often suggest to couples that they have a date night. A few hours once a week of uninterrupted time each week with one another. A date night helps couples to enjoy one another.

But Couples often think a date night requires a lot of money. But the opposite is true. It’s just a matter of being creative. Even if you just go to a local coffee shop you are together doing something positive. You can go out for coffee for less than $5.00.

3. Set boundaries between work and family. You were never meant to work seven days a week. God has given us six days to work, and one day for worship and rest. And if you work seven days a week then this will in time affect your health, your marriage, and family.

But make sure you are clear about the difference between family time and work time. If possible leave your work at the office then you can concentrate on family at home. Research has shown we get more done at work if we make the family our priority.