Balancing Priorities

The third key to reducing that feeling of being overwhelmed is to balance your priorities. Too often work and taking care of others squeezes out time for taking care of yourself. By balancing your priorities, you ensure that you take care of yourself first allowing you to be more effective in your work and more available for your loved ones.

Determine Your Priorities
The first step is to determine what is important to you. Take a moment to write down the 5 things that make you feel best. Your list may include items such as exercise, time with friends/family, relaxing with a book, introspective time such as meditation, breathing or prayer, and eating nourishing foods.

Schedule Your Day
Begin each day with one of your priorities. Make the commitment to yourself to always do something for yourself at the start of each day. This nourishes you so that you can be your best for everyone else.

Schedule Your Week
At the beginning of each week, schedule time throughout the week for your other priorities. Perhaps you have lunch or dinner with a friend, schedule your exercise time so there are no excuses and allow time for grocery shopping and nourishing food preparation.Plan your weekly menu and enjoy your healthy leftovers for lunch.

Remember Your Priorities
Write your priorities on a few index cards and post them on your computer, on your calendar, in your bathroom and in your kitchen. Whenever you have to make a scheduling decision take a moment to ensure you are not crowding out your own priorities.

When you balance your priorities you fill your tank so that you can then do your best work, support your loved ones and enjoy your life.

All my best,