Are Your Parents Your Top Priority?

I have come across a magazine and I was attracted to the headline. It stated that: “Are Your Children Your Top Priority?” Dear young parents, think about this question carefully. I am sure most of your answer would be a big YES.

When we go shopping at the shopping mall or dining at the restaurants, we used to see the younger generation nowadays have switched their focus to their kids and they care more about their children’s feelings, health, education, interests, preferences and their future. They want to give the best to their kids so that their beloved children can enjoy better life in the future. It is not wrong for them to do so. They love their kids and they are willing to contribute everything.

Now, here is something we need to think carefully. Do we also always remember our parents who bring us up? Are our parents our top priority too? Our parents are getting older as time goes by. They also get weaker. Do we concern about their health problems? To be frank, many young people find it challenging to take care of their elder parents, especially those who are suffering from diseases and disability. They usually treat their parents as their burden when their parents have medical needs. They sometimes lose their patience taking care of their forgetful parents.

In fact, taking care of elder parents is as important as taking care of young children. It is not right for us to ignore our parents. We should treat our parents in a courteous manner. We must not lose our temper if our parents try to order us around or complain about the way we live. Look at this matter from another point of view. They want us to be good and safe. They want to protect us. They are worried if we face any difficulty in life. In our parents’ mind, we are still their top priority. In return, we should find ways to dissolve conflicts so that both parties can have better understanding. We are not supposed to argue with them or stay away from them.

If our parents are suffering from diseases and they need medical treatment, it is our responsibility to spend more quality time with them. Let them know that you pay attention to them. They were the ones who brought us up. They were once the caregivers. Now we are in that position. We must take good care of them and we should ensure that they also enjoy their life.